Slot Machine Odds And Betting Methods

Slot machine odds & betting methods

Slot machines have established themselves as a flagship product in the casino industry, which is currently playing a key role in the casino industry like IONclub. In 2022, there are over 200 software companies around the world that develop only slot machine games, and Playtech and Microgaming, which are located at the top, are listed on the London Stock Exchange and have a market capitalization of close to 8 trillion won. Just by looking at these two companies, you can guess how influential slot machines are in the casino sector as of 2022.

However, if you look at the history, in the past, lobsters were treated like instant noodles, which you could eat even if you gave them to the slot machine. Originally, slot machines were installed in a corner of the casino to relieve the boredom of wives who were waiting for their husbands to bet at the casino. The people who moved with the . went to the slot machine, not baccarat or roulette, one by one.

How to bet on slot machines

Slot machines are named after the slot into which coins are inserted and are literally slot machines. Insert money into the slot and pull the handle or press the spin button to play the game automatically, and according to the outcome of the game, the prize money is awarded on the dividend table.

Does a slot machine winning strategy exist?

The word winning strategy itself is nonsense that cannot exist in the first place on the gambling board where you put money in and eat money, but in the case of baccarat, there are system betting techniques such as double chance and martingale, and blackjack is a strategy that focuses on insurance. They call it a ‘win-win strategy’ simply and clearly with a spoonful of hope that they can win. So, is there a winning strategy in slot machines? The answer is of course NO.

The reason slot machines were successful is because it is a simple labor bet that requires just pressing a button, but can be won enough. Yes. A slot machine is a game in which a player spins a huge prize called a ‘jackpot’ in front of their eyes, and it is simply a game of betting on luck. In the case of progressive slots, where jackpot winners eat all the money that others have lost, it would be advantageous to pile up the winnings as much as possible and delay it as much as possible, but it is difficult to see it as a winning strategy, and it is only about know-how.

Slot machine odds and betting methods

Let’s learn about slot machine odds (return rate)

First, the probability varies depending on how many paylines there are. There are various lines from line 1 to line 100 in the type of slot machine line. This is not to select the number of lines you want to play in one game, but there are 15-line game machines and 30-line dedicated game machines. have to find Slot machine redemption rates offer higher payout rates as the payline is higher. In the case of 1-line games, it provides a return rate of less than 70%, and in the case of a 50-line slot machine, it provides a return rate of about 95%.

Then, isn’t it advantageous to play slot machines with high lines unconditionally? Slot machine games with a small number of paylines, such as line 1 and line 5, have a higher risk than line 50, so the dividend is higher when winning, and if you win the jackpot, you can collect dozens of higher winnings compared to line 50. Simply put, it’s a case-by-case thing.

Casino slot machine odds manipulation. Is it true?

As humans are suspicious animals, there is no choice but to manipulate the slot machines that machines do. However, there is a valid reason to raise the theory of slot machine manipulation, which is that even with the same game on the same payline, the rate of return of online slot machine sites is relatively higher than that of offline casinos.

In fact, there is such a case. The game ‘Book of Bra’ in Kangwon Land Casino provides a return rate of 88% in Kangwon Land, but a return rate of 90% in the online slot machine site. Regarding this, Kangwon Land explained, “The online site arbitrarily increased the return rate to attract customers” and “Book of Bra is a game that provides a return rate of 88%.”

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In terms of structure, the online site is a structure that provides services by borrowing products from a slot machine product company, and because it has a clear ‘B’ structure, it is not possible to manipulate probability, and if one site in the product company manipulates the redemption rate, it Because the image of the image is damaged, it is not possible to give the manipulation rights. However, Kangwon Land does not borrow products from game companies, but imports 20 million won for each game machine, so it has a structure that can be manipulated. Therefore, Kangwon Land’s explanation is not convincing. Whether it is for this reason or for convenience, people who play slot machines these days prefer to be online rather than Kangwon Land.

Tips & Tricks to Play FaFaFa Slot to Win the Jackpot

Tips & Tricks to Play FaFaFa Higgs Domino to Win the Jackpot

Tired of playing the Higgs Domino slot? Determine often? Okay, take it easy, here we will share a few tips and tricks for you to get the jackpot from the FaFaFa slot game.

Maybe many of you think that the Higgs Domino slot game is just hockey. Yep, maybe it sounds more or less like that, but we can explain a little that this is not just hockey.

Because there is a role for you personally in doing the spin, for example in determining the bet. Of course, if you place a bet that is not comparable to the chips you have, of course it will make you run out quickly.

FaFaFa Higgs Domino

It’s as simple as that, now as for some tips and tricks that you need to know in order to get the jackpot easily on FaFaFa you can see in my explanation below.

1. Looking for a Good Room

In the FaFaFa slot game, one of the big influences on increasing your chances of getting the jackpot is the selection of rooms. Every time you enter the FaFaFa game, it is defined as a room.

When you first log in, you will see a random arrangement of images. Well, what you need to pay attention to is the value of the image arrangement. As we knows, the red grandfather image is the highest value.

Then, followed by the blue grandfather and the green and purple daughter. So, when you are looking for a room, try to have a picture of a red grandfather or a blue grandfather arranged vertically.

Also, make sure there are at least two or three wilds. In essence, the characteristics of a good room are displaying high-value images that look solid and structured.

2. Adjusting the Bet to the Number of Chips

As we explained earlier, it is the player who determines the amount of the bet for each round. Well, here we will explain in more detail, that the number of bets you place must match the chip you have.

For example, if you only rely on daily alms, then place the lowest bet on FaFaFa, which is 90K. Then, when during the spin process you get a scatter, mega win or something else, it means that your chip increases.

Well, only in this condition can you increase the bet until you reach the target you set yourself. For example, to rely on daily chips and successfully increase the number of chips to 20M, you can increase the bet 180K.

So, chip multiples to increase the bet are 0-10M for 90K bets, 10M-20M for 180K bets, 20M-50M for 450K bets. 50M-300M for 900K bets, 300M-600M for 1.8M bets, 600M-1B for 4.5M bets, 1B-3B for 9M bets and so on.

3. Do Spin 10x 3x

After you know and do the first and second tips, then do a 10x spin 3x. So, make sure that you have found a good table and determine the bet.

Then do 3x 10x spins, which means there are 30x total spins. If you haven’t hit the jackpot, continue with 100x spins. After 100 spins but not yet, then do the last 10 spins, and if it doesn’t work, please go out and find a new table again.

Even though you find a good table according to the characteristics that we conveys, there is no absolute guarantee, but if it can increase your chances of getting the jackpot.

4. Increase Spin Speed

Most Higgs Dominoes slot players use a spin speed app. This of course can maximize the use of playing time to be faster and not boring. If you still don’t know how to speed up the spin, then you can see the tutorial in related websites.

Well, to speed up the application you can specify the speed value. The higher the value you put, the faster the spin. Too fast is also not good, because it has the potential to make you lose connection from the room even though the room is very good.

So, make sure you set the speed of your speeder application to a value of 41.4 which we also uses is not slow and not too fast. This is also the value that made you win the jackpot on the FaFaFa slot machine.

Well, maybe those are some tips and tricks for playing FaFaFa that we shares according to personal experience of winning the jackpot. May be useful.

7 Advantages of Online Slot Gambling Compared to Other Types of Gambling

7 Advantages of Online Slot Gambling Compared to Other Types of Gambling

For online gambling players, slot games are certainly not a foreign game. But most gamblers are not very interested in this type of game. This is because many of them think that online slot gambling is not an interesting and profitable game. In the fact, however, that is not the case.

Slot gambling, also known as a slot machine game, is a gambling game that is played on a slot machine. This machine randomizes a number of symbols after the player places a bet and presses the spin button. Now compared to other gambling games, it turns out that slot gambling has its own advantages. Here are some of the advantages of these slot machines:

1. Easy to Play

All you need to do when playing slot gambling is just open an online slot site, then register a slot and play it. Playing it is also very easy, just select the slot symbol that you want to play. This is different when you play other types of gambling. For example, you play poker gambling. You must first understand the types of cards and also the best card combinations that you can form.

Online Slot

When compared to soccer gambling, slot gambling is also easier. To be able to make accurate ball predictions, you must first know the team that is playing. In fact, there are many football teams in this world. Well, in slot gambling, even though there are many symbols that are played, you don’t have to understand them. Slot gambling is entirely gambling played by machines.

2. No Special Strategy Needed

This is the next convenience in slot gambling. If in poker games you have to be able to apply the right strategy from the preflop stage to the river, this is different from slot gambling, you don’t have to call in placing a bet.

Although there are many tips and strategies shared by betting sites on how to win slot gambling, actually these tips are nothing but suggesting that we better understand how to play slots. Believe me there are no special tricks that can be used to win slot gambling. Because in this game, the control of the game is entirely on the engine and the engine is made up of complex algorithms.

3. Suitable For Beginners

Talking about gambling that is suitable for beginners, one of them is slots. Because in slot gambling you don’t have to understand many rules. You can start playing slot online for beginners at hackerpro. So you as a novice player will be very easy to play. It’s a different story when compared to soccer betting or other casino gambling.

4. Lots of Paylines

What are paylines? Paylines are the number of lines you will play. The rule is that the more paylines you play, the greater the value of your bet. But the more paylines you place, the bigger the prize bets you can make.

It’s just that, because the more paylines you play, the more bets you need to place, so it’s a good idea to determine the number of paylines you have to pay attention to the capital you have. If your capital is not too much and you force to install a lot of paylines, then in just a matter of minutes your money will run out if you don’t get a win.

5. There are Thousands of Choices of Game Types

If in one type of bet there are generally only a few types of games that can be played. So it’s different with this game. There are thousands of types of games that can be played. Although indeed all have a way of playing that is not much different. The difference is usually only the name of the game, the number of available paylines and the type of game.

6. Gives You Big Profits

This is what many gambling players rarely know, the fact that online slot gambling can provide many advantages. Moreover, in this game there is a progressive jackpot that can be obtained even if only by paying a small bet. It’s just that who manages to get the jackpot can’t be predicted. The jackpot offered can usually touch the number of billions.

7. There is a Return Player

One more advantage and convenience of slot games is that there is an RTP (Return To Player) offer or a refund given to players. Although indeed as players we never know when the RTP will be given. But it is very possible given when you play. So pray.

Those are some of the advantages of playing online slot gambling when compared to other gambling games. What is certain is that this game is without engineering, because everything is played by machines with very complicated algorithms.

Slot Gambling Site is Easy to Win

Slot Gambling Site is Easy to Win

Welcome loyal players of Gacor Slots Easy to Win Today BOOMING who is looking for a link to the list of the newest easy-to-win online slot gambling sites in Indonesia that provides leaks of today’s 2022 gacor slots for its members. A slot machine that is easy to win, which has become a special site for online slot gambling in Asia with the game. List of Gacor Slot Gambling Sites Easy to Win Today, a credit deposit will give you a gacor slot game this morning.

List of trusted online slot gambling sites 2022 and 2022 BOOMING provides a variety of easy-to-win games such as online ball, online live casino, online slot gambling sites, credit deposit, online poker, arcade games using only small bets you will be able to win with online jackpot slot sites. biggest. BOOMING, there are various leaks of gacor slots today from a collection of the names of the best and most trusted 2022 online slot gambling sites in Indonesia.

Advantages of Listing Gacor Online Slot Gambling Sites, Easy Win, Trusted 2022

BOOMING is the best trusted online slot gambling site in Indonesia so that playing satisfaction will be created with the leaked info on gacor slots today. Especially if you join BOOMING, which is one of the most trusted online slot agents via XL and Telkomsel credit in 2022. Surely you will be lucky and spoiled with the various services available. For members of the Gacor slot gambling site, it’s easy to win 2022, you will get all the latest online gambling games from us, namely Pragmatic, with a new 4D (4 Dimension) display and interesting features, as well as the biggest online slot jackpot bonus.

Best Online Slot Gambling Site Name Collection 2022 & 2022 Easy to Win

Many possibilities have been provided as long as you have the desire to play with a collection of the best and most trusted online slot sites no. 1 to get leaked slots gacor tonight. You can choose all types of Gacor 2022 slot games from the best game providers with 24-hour friendly service. You can find the greatest possibility to be able to win while playing online slots, gacor often wins via OVO. Indonesian online slot sites are certainly one of the most sought after so that players can choose a credible and trusted world site 777 gacor slots.

BOOMING is here to provide the best service as the newest and most trusted no. 1 official slot gambling site in Indonesia. You can choose many types of the most complete online slot gambling site machines you want, such as:

1. Pragmatic Play Slots Easy to Win
2. Microgaming Online Slots Are Easy To Win
3. Joker123 Slots Easy Jackpot
4. Online Slots Often Jackpot Gameplay
5. Spadegaming Slots Online is Easy to Win
6. Quick Win Slots Isoftbet
7. CQ9 Easy Slot Jackpot
8. Easy Online Slots to Win PG Soft
9. Big Jackpot Playtech Online Slots
10. Habanero Slots Often Win
11. Easiest Slot Gambling to Win YGG
12. Top Trending Gaming Slots
13. Playson Slots online
14. Play’N Go . Slot Gambling
15. Easy Slots to Win BBIN Jackpot

Gacor Slot Gambling Site Easy Win Best XL and Telkomsel Credit Deposit Easy to win

Gacor Slot Gambling Site Easy Win Best XL and Telkomsel Credit Deposit Easy to win
BOOMING online slot gambling site is easy to win XL credit deposit which is equipped with hundreds of types of the most complete online gambling betting games. Where it is only enough with a deposit of 10 thousand, you all have the opportunity to easily win the original cash slot jackpot of up to tens of millions of rupiah. In addition, the facilities provided are also very complete, not only providing 4d gacor slots which often give you lots of jackpots with the latest and attractive 4D displays, the bonuses we provide are also arguably the highest and not just talk.

What are the facilities and services for the most winning slot gambling sites BOOMING provide? The explanation can be seen from the many lists of gacor slots today. So there’s no need to doubt it, everything has been seen on the front page of our website, the fast winning slot gambling site BOOMING.

Most people say that golden opportunities should never be missed, this is the time for all of you to benefit by registering easy slots to win at a trusted Gacor online slot gambling agent that provides a list of the cheapest credit deposit slots in Indonesia. With BOOMING you will get the sensation of playing Gacor 88 slot gambling which is very different, of course, I really recommend it!! Therefore, the official winning slot site continues to invite you to register immediately, bro, no need to wait and hesitate anymore.

Everything is complete in the online slot link which often gives jackpots that are easy to win on this one, and getting an account from CQ9 is also very easy, where we only need some data that makes it easy for us to make transactions. And you can do this via laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and others, so soon, bro, wait for the arrival at the Joker123 Indonesia Slot Game List Gambling Agent.

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Easy Ways to Win Playing Habanero Slots With Strict Tricks


If you really play habanero slots online, surely you know one of the well-known, biggest and best providers of Sport Cup which is busy being played by bettors, namely Habanero Slots. Of course, the reason why this provider is played by many players is because it can be won easily. There is already a proven way of winning that can make bettors get a lot of profits.

Do not know ?

Read on until the end of this article, because I will show you how to win playing slots at the Habanero provider!

How to Win Habanero Slots With Tight Tricks That Win Bettors

How to Win Habanero Slots With Tight Tricks That Win Bettors

No need to worry, if you want to win easily when playing slots, just choose a Habanero provider and use the winning method that I will provide in this article. The method is very easy, I will give a method which is a surefire trick for other bettors.

Just look at how to win the Habanero slot with the right tricks to win the following bettor :

Play More Often in the Latest Slot Games

This online slot provider wmcasino periodically continues to issue new games with better quality and also the latest offers of course. Examples include the slot games Totem Towers, Christmas Gift Rush, Taberna De Los Muertos, and Happy Ape.

In all these games there are lots of new features that can make it easier for you to win. For example, in Totem Towers which has a Line Boost Game feature that makes your chances of winning bigger, and there is also an offer of 100 free games. There’s even a special Totem Tower feature in there too.

Set Bet Level & Coins

Next you have to be more careful in setting the bet and coin levels, in order to get the maximum winrate. So for that bet level, make sure you set it to the smallest possible number (press the (-) symbol to the maximum)

Apart from making the win rate higher, you can also make it cheaper to place bets on each spin. Because the higher the stake and coin level, the bigger the minimum bet.

Play High Stakes In Certain Situations

And one more trick is that you have to be smart in determining when to install a small and large pair. So there are situations you can read to be able to determine this.

For the initial spin, you must first play 10 rounds with the smallest bet nominal to tidy up the symbols on the reels. Next you have to place a big bet if you get 2 scatter symbols and don’t get the bonus. Because most likely in the next 3-4 spins you will get a bonus from the scatter.

That’s how to win habanero slots using tricks that have been proven to win many bettors. If you want to get a lot of benefits from Indonesian online slot site providers , just use the three tricks, right!

That’s the information that I can share in this article, hopefully it will be useful for you to continue to win. Good luck!

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Review About Provider Slot Spadegaming

Review About Provider Slot Spadegaming

Hello online slot gambling lovers, are you still actively playing slots every day? If it’s still active, of course, as an online slot player, you’ve often heard the name spadegaming? But if you haven’t heard of it, you don’t need to worry, because on this occasion we will specifically discuss spadegaming, a trusted online slot game provider. So take a good look at each of the following explanations, OK!

Online slot games are games where the way to play is to spin the spin on your game screen by pressing the spin button. If the reel spin stops at a predetermined line or payline, then you will win in the game and be paid the amount of your bet. In addition, online slots also provide lots of jackpot bonuses on each slot machine.

This is what makes slots much favored by many online gambling players, especially beginners. You need to know that the slot games in slot gambling agents on the internet are created by the best providers in the world, one of which is Spadegaming. This means that Spadegaming itself is the best slots gambling game service provider in Asia that has a competent team and has succeeded in developing the best online gambling games with very high quality features and themes.



In addition to having slot games with the best and quality features, spadegaming also provides several advantages that will be easy to get if you play slots in Spadegaming, including:

· Number of free spins

The first advantage is the number of free spins or free spins provided by spadegaming providers in slot machines. Free spins or free spins will be obtained if you collect at least 3 free spin symbols on the spade gaming slot machine, if you get 3 free spin symbols, you will get 10 free spins without reducing the capital you have. If you get 4 free spin symbols in the next reel round, then there will be 10 more free spins for you to play. Very attractive offer, right?

· Number of wild symbols

The next advantage in the spadegaming provider is the number of wild symbols that will make it easier for you to get winning combinations that are often interrupted due to a lack of only one symbol. So the wild lambnag serves to replace the symbols or symbols that you don’t get. Especially by using a large reel like 3 x 4 or 3 x 5, there will be lots of wild combinations that you can get to help you win in your online slot game.

· Lots of jackpots

You will get many jackpots if you play slots in spadegaming such as progressive jackpots and slot jackpots. The jackpot is a big win in a slot machine which of course will come out at any time if you are lucky. If one of these jackpots comes out when you play, then you will get a very large win, up to millions of rupiah or more.

· Automatic spin

The last advantage in spadegaming is the automatic spin. With this automatic spin system you can play online slot games automatically without you spinning a spin. For example, if you are busy but want to play online slots, then you can set automatic spins in your online slot games.

Getting to Know RTP in Online Slot Games Gambling

rtp slot

If you have ever played at an online casino like or researched an online casino, then you will come across several terms such as bonus amounts, payouts, wagering requirements, promotions and much more including RTP.

RTP is a word that you can find repeatedly in almost all types of slot games on all online gambling sites . If you don’t know about this widely used term, then here we will provide a complete guide to RTP on online slot games in full.

What is RTP?
RTP stands for Return To Player which is usually considered as a percentage of games or slot games. The percentage value of the term will explain how much you can get from all money bets in a certain casino game or slot over a certain period of time.

The higher the RTP percentage, the more you can earn in a certain period of time and the more wins you can get in the long run. The important thing to note is that in fact, all slots have different RTPs on all online casino sites including.

In simple terms, the same slot machine can have varying RTP percentages in different online casinos.

How RTP Works
RTP is only a theoretical statistical calculation and you should not assume that you can fully guarantee victory in all conditions. RTP percentages will not be applied to large random wins or large losses. It is based on real people placing bets on online casino games and only gives an average estimate in certain games.

Complete Guide to RTP Online Slots
In theory, the higher the RTP percentage, the better the payments you can receive when playing online slot gambling . If there is a game that has 7% of the home advantage, then the RTP is 93% [100%-7%=93%].

This means that a player has a 93% chance of winning. For example, blackjack has a house edge or house advantage of 0.5%, so this means that the player has an RTP to get 99.5% of the bet amount placed.

If the RTP is 100%, it indicates if the casino has a loss for a particular game or slot in a certain period of time.

How to Calculate RTP
Calculating RTP is actually quite easy if you want to know how much you can earn from all bet amounts in a certain period of time. You can calculate this number using the formula below:

RTP = The total amount that will be returned to the player i.e. the total win amount or the player bet amount.

The total amount returned to the player can be interpreted as the net amount that you can win in 1 round on the basis of the game’s pay table. The total player bet is the first bet amount in each round during the audit time period of a particular game which is generally 1 calendar month.

High RTP Slots

high rtp

Because the RTP percentage is very important in a slot game strategy, it can help you determine what the total payback percentage for a particular slot is for each player.

RTP dan RNG [Random Number Generator]
RNG is used by online slot machine games in every spin. The RNG indicates that the spin results are generated randomly which governs all the mechanics of the web-based slot game.

For that, there is no point in using the results of the previous match to determine the outcome of the next round because everything is done randomly. While the RTP on slot machines you can use to predict the frequency of payments on

Relationship between RTP and House Edge
RTP is inversely proportional to House Edge. The RTP describes the potential winnings of the player, while the House Edge shows the percentage of the casino’s profit.

The house edge can be interpreted as a certain percentage of bets made by online casinos. Many players ask questions about how online casinos can make a profit. The answer is actually very simple if you have studied about the house edge that applies over a longer period of time.

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You don’t need a calculator or complicated formula to determine the house edge. You just need to reduce the RTP percentage from 100%. For example, a casino with an RTP of 92% would have an 8% advantage.

How to Win Playing Online Slots Precise and Precise Analysis

How to Win Playing Online Slots Precise and Precise Analysis

ONLINE GAMBLING TIPS 2021 – Playing online gambling seems to have become a hobby for some people in Indonesia. And covers all walks of life, from teenagers to old people, both women and men. Online gambling itself is growing rapidly with the development of technology. So here I give tips for online gambling 2021. You must try the best site

Online gambling is becoming more and more popular because it is easy for us to access it. Only with your cellphone and internet connection, online gambling can be played wherever you are, plus the cost to play online gambling today which is relatively cheap, starting from only 100 rupiah for online lottery, 500 rupiah for online slots.

ONLINE GAMBLING TIPS 2021 that are often applied when playing online gambling

Even though the number of bets or bets is getting cheaper, but of course we don’t want to lose continuously. Because if we lose we will only get losses, not profits. So, for that, I will share some tips that you can use to play VIVA99 Trusted Online Gambling. Pay attention to the following tips:

Choose a Trusted Online Gambling Site – Online Gambling Tips 2021

Even though you are quite proficient when playing online gambling, but there are times when sites that provide online gambling play cheating, where they will not give us a win, then they will lock our account. Then VIVA99 is here for you as the Trusted Online Gambling Site 2021. At VIVA99 you don’t need to worry because on this site everything is safe and already has a lot of active members.

Playing Casually – Online Gambling Tips 2021

Play online gambling when you are in free time, because online gambling is just a game, but you have to stay focused because it uses real money. Play with a relaxed state , and do not rush .

Don’t Get Emotions – Online Gambling Tips 2021

It is recommended to play online gambling when you are in a good mood. Because if you’re in a bad mood, I guarantee you’ll definitely get carried away into the game. Especially if we are experiencing defeat. if we are emotional, then we will easily make continuous deposits. And this will harm you of course. So don’t play when you’re emotional.

Play the Game You Are Good at- Online Gambling Tips 2021

If we play online gambling, of course, we are advised to play the usual games or we have mastered the way of playing, this will help us to gain or gain profits. because we already understand the ins and outs of the advantages and disadvantages of online gambling, so we know how to play it. This is important, guys.

Play with a small bet first

If you are a beginner gambling player, or even playing online gambling for the first time, I recommend making a deposit that is not too large, and placing bets that are not too large. Fortunately, at VIVA99, there are so many online gambling games with a small number of bets. from 100 rupiah only. So, with this small bet, you can simultaneously learn how to play online gambling or the latest games with minimal capital, so even if you lose, you won’t experience a lot of losses, guys.

Try Other Online Gambling Games

If you play online gambling but you always lose continuously, try playing other online gambling games. It could be that the online gambling you are playing does not give you luck. You can also try other types of gambling games, such as online soccer gambling, online slot gambling, online poker gambling, online lottery gambling, online cockfighting gambling, and many other online gambling games.

Try Next Time

If you have tried various kinds of online gambling games but still lose, you can try them at another time or opportunity, this happens, maybe the god of luck is not on your side, don’t force it because you will experience a lot of losses later. Try to be a little patient and calm . Because the VIVA99 Online Gambling Site will always be on for 24 hours non-stop. so you don’t have to worry about not being able to play online gambling anymore, guys.

Start Playing Big Bet

How ? have you won? if you get a win, try to gradually increase the amount of your bet or bet, because if we increase the number of our bets, the profits we get will also be even greater. But do not immediately play with the amount of bets that are too large. gradually little by little according to your balance.

Make a withdrawal when you have won a lot

Immediately withdraw your winnings, if you have won big or a lot. because if we continue to force play we may be tempted to want to play again. and you can lose. So if your victory is deemed sufficient, immediately withdraw or withdraw your winnings, stop playing, and play again another time.

Well, maybe that’s just some of the 2021 online gambling tips that I can share with you. Hopefully my article is useful and useful for you to play online gambling. Don’t forget to immediately register online gambling at VIVA99 so you can get lots of benefits.

How to Win Pragmatic Play Online Slot Bets

How to Win Pragmatic Play Online Slot Bets

How to Win Lots of Playing Pragmatic Play Online Slot Bets. Online Slot Gambling is a very interesting game to play today. Because the way to play is very easy and fun at sbobetcasino, even so, you still have to pay attention to several things when you are going to play this type of slot gambling game.

Slot games are quite old games in the world of gambling. By using a machine that was considered sophisticated at that time, this game began to attract a lot of attention. Many gamblers are interested in this game and continue to play this game.

Until now, there are still a lot of players who are still interested in slot games. The existence of slot gambling seems to be timeless. Many online bookies offer slot games as their flagship game on their site. This game also offers many advantages in one win.

Online slot gambling was originally introduced in 1895 by Charles Fey in San Francisco America. He succeeded in making a slot machine that initially used an iron mold that had 3 rolls that had diamonds, hearts and shovels drawn. This slot game is increasingly global until it is known by everyone around the world.

In 1970 this machine was mass-made after entering the modern era in 1980 on the internet becoming known by the world and various programmers began to make this slot game online. This was welcomed by gamblers, especially those who cannot play in live casinos.

How to Win Pragmatic Play Online Slot Bets

How to Win Pragmatic Play Online Slot Bets

Therefore, here we as Online Slot Agents will provide tips and tips for you to play online slot gambling. Winning online slot gambling is a type of gambling that relies on profits in playing, but at least you have to be wise in playing online slots.

1. Determine Play Limits

Determine your limits in playing slot gambling so that if you don’t get a win, you won’t be disappointed with the result. Don’t spend all your capital, if you haven’t won, you shouldn’t push yourself and stop playing.

2. Determine a Play Plan

Similar to the first point, at this point you determine the number of games or rounds to be played. Whether it’s in a day, a week, and so on. Control yourself in playing and don’t cross the limits you set in order to avoid bigger losses later.

3. Choose the Right Table

In playing online slot gambling, it is also important to pay attention to where to play. Choose a place that doesn’t have a small jackpot yet. This is because so that more jackpots are available, the more difficult it will be to get them. Conversely, if the jackpot available is still small, then the chances of getting it will be even greater.

4. Patience in Playing

This game requires luck so don’t be surprised if you haven’t succeeded in winning it. Take control of your emotions and keep playing until luck is on your side. Don’t expect instant wins when playing online slot gambling.

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How To Play And Win Money On Online Slot

How To Play And Win Money On Online Slot

This is your complete guide to playing online slot gambling. Start on and discover the best tips, bonuses and sites in 2020.

Head over to the casino building or play on an online casino site today and you’ll find, between roulette and blackjack, slot machines pile up. This guide shows the best tips for playing slot machines.

A complete guide to playing online slot gambling

Known as the smartest and most efficient way to increase your bankroll, slots have been the top choice for millions of discerning casino players over the years. Indeed, whether it’s a quick spin at Bellagio or at one of our community’s best slot destinations, such as Spin Palace Casino, you’ll find that spinning reels are the way to go if you want to win more.

But with so much variety & bonus game jargon to go through, it can seem daunting at times. That’s where we step in and guide you through introducing everything you need to know about online slot gambling, from paylines to progressive jackpots, we’ve put it all together!

Like their business cousins ​​who are offline, online casinos who bet real money, go to great lengths to promote online slot gambling and that is because: – they are popular, they are packed with advanced features, they are profitable for the casino, and are capable of pumping up big wins for spending relatively small.

So, with online slot gambling, and their new, snail-faced little brother, the mobile slot, leading the world of online gambling, let’s take a look at how to play it, where to find it, and what real cash slot games you should play. And you can prize yourself the best chance of pocketing a huge jackpot.

Finding the Best Online Slots Gambling Casino

Many of the online slots gambling from the biggest developers can be found at the best online casinos. Some developers will have exclusive deals with Internet casinos to provide their slot portfolios, but keep in mind – not all online casinos are created equal.

How to Play Online Slots

When real cash slots first appeared in the mid-1990s, they only had a few reels and one payline. Today, you can find slots with 3 reels, 5 reels, 1,024 paylines and expensive animated sequences – there are even slots based on the latest Hollywood movies.

Whichever game you choose, they basically work the same way, although there are slight differences in features from developer to developer. Remember, often times you can “try before you buy” and there are many websites offering versions of these games. Many of the big slot developers (see below for a good list of sites) also have free versions of real money games on their websites.

Spin the Reel Slot

After filling the online slot from an online casino or instant game site, a game screen will be presented in front of you filled with several reels. Classic slots have three vertical reels but most modern video slots have five (see types below for more).

Each reel usually has more than 20-25 symbols, which is relevant to the theme of the slot, and the goal is to spin the reels and hit the winning symbol combination when the reels come to a stop. With so many symbols on the reels – and so many paylines – there will be millions of possible combinations to hit.

You will see a ‘Spin’ button at the bottom right of the screen which makes the reel move. Some games will have a ‘Skill Stop’ button so you can stop the reels yourself.

Look at the Paytable

Before you spin the reel, click on the ‘Paytable’ or ‘Info’ icon on the game screen; which will take you to a separate screen with all the game info you need. Here you will find the various payouts for each of the different winning combinations, a list of different symbols, and details of each bonus round, if any. Some, but not all, developers will list a possible Return to Player (RTP) percentage as well. There’s a lot more to it than that below.

Bet Size and Paylines

Before you play a real cash slot machine, set the bet size and the number of paylines you want to play. For games with a lower variant – that is, slots that look attractive to small wallets – you’ll find bets starting at USD 0.01 per line.

Next, choose how many coins you want to bet on a particular line. You can bet anything from 1 to 10 coins per line. Then choose how many paylines – the combination of symbols on the reels – you want to play with. You can bet on one payline or as many as is possible – just click on the payline on the side of the game screen.

So, for example, let’s say an online slot machine has 25 paylines, and the stakes range from USD 0.01 to USD 1.00 per coin. Slots allow you to bet up to 10 coins per line. Therefore, you can play one coin worth USD 0.01 on one payline, which means your bet per spin is only USD 0.01, or you can play the most expensive limit which is USD 1.00 per coin, 10 coins per line. , and a maximum of 25 paylines. This means that your stake per spin is USD 250.

Look for the ‘Max. Bet ‘- every real cash slot has this one button – to jump to this option.

Other slots, meanwhile, will have fixed paylines, meaning that you have no choice about how few or how many paylines you can play. This can lead to bigger cash outlays over time, but you will also have the chance to win more winning combinations.

Gamble / Double Up

Then, when you are ready to play, hit the ‘Play’ button. The reel will spin and then stop. Any winning combination will be paid out, but some real cash slots give you the option of doubling your winnings (look for the “Gamble” button), usually via a simple “red or black” or “higher or lower” card game.

Slot Game Symbol

You will usually find around 10-12 different individual symbols in real money online slot gambling, and depending on the theme it can be anything from classic melons and cherries, to superheroes, aliens, bank robbers, pampered rabbits, mythological characters, diamonds, treasures, gold, poker symbols such as jack, queen, king… in fact, if there was a theme on earth, chances are there would be online slots created that used that theme.

Wilds and Scatters

Winning symbol combinations generally pay off left to right, with consecutive symbols contributing to the winning payline. However, each video slot has a special image / symbol which results in bigger prizes for players.

Wild symbols can replace regular in-game symbols to create winning combos (Wild is the same feature as the Joker in card games, it can replace other symbols). There will also be a multiplier accompanying the win, meaning that a win can be doubled or tripled if it is formed with a Wild icon.

Meanwhile, the Scatter symbol pays off if you hit two or more ANYWHERE across the reels. Usually, however, hitting three or more Scatters on the reels will trigger a special bonus feature as well as a special bonus cash prize.

Bonus Round

So, you’re playing real money online slot gambling and you hit three Scatters or the ‘Bonus’ icon on the reel. What kind of bonuses can you expect to come up with?

Free Spin

The most common bonus spins in real cash slot machines are a share of free play. You can win anything from 3 to 50 free spins (played automatically by computer) and often the free spins can be repeated, i.e. if you manage to hit the three Scatter icons on the reel during the free spins spins you will win the next batch for free again.

Choose a bonus

The Pick ’em Bonus round will occur when you hit three Scatters. You will be taken to a separate game screen and asked to choose from the available symbols, each containing a different prize or multiplier. Generally, the icons will follow the theme of the slot (eg treasure chest for Aladdin-themed slot, oxygen tank for underwater themed slot). Keep selecting the icon until you hit the ‘Collect’ icon and you are back at the original game screen. Your total winnings for the bonus round will be collected and added to your account.

Click Me Bonus

This feature is triggered when three relevant bonus symbols appear on the reels simultaneously. You simply choose from the three icons on the reel to get a cash prize.

Other Bonus Features

Certain developers will have unique features for their respective games, and you’ll often find one or more across different slots:

Cascading Reels, or Avalanche Reels, is an interesting feature where winning combinations disappear from the reels and are replaced by symbols that fall from above to replace them. This allows for more winning combos and adds to the excitement of the game. Wild can appear on one or more reels, and will expand to fill the entire reel, eventually making the entire reel contain the Wild symbol. Sticky Wild stays in place on the reel while another symbol rotates beside it. Some big cash slots will feature more interactive arcade bonus rounds that involve multiple skills. This could be a consecutive battle, a target shoot or a puzzle loop. In IGT’s Reel Edge titles, bonus rounds are designed after arcade play, so that players can earn rewards based on their performance.


There are two three-letter acronyms that online slot players should be aware of: RTP and RNG.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

The Random Number Generator (RNG) is responsible for the payout percentage of real money online slot gambling games. That percentage must be certified by a third party authority to ensure fair gaming. The rules require that a minimum percentage must be paid back to the player.

RNG works in the same way as online roulette and blackjack games; fair software system ensures accountable and random events. When you check the paytable for various winning combinations that are on the paytable, the amounts reflect the virtual odds of that particular combination; the higher the jackpot is up for grabs, the lower the chances of winning the right combination.

Return To Player or Return To Player (RTP)

This payout percentage, or Return to Player (RTP), varies from game to game, and from developer to developer, but generally in offline casino building slots you can find RTPs ranging from 80-90%, but that figure increases significantly for gambling. online slots, and higher for the new mobile slots.

So let’s say a slot has 95% RTP. That means that out of 100 coins, 95 return to real money online slot gambling players over time. The rest is the margin for online casino developers.

How to Find the Best Online Slot Gambling Sites

Before you immediately start playing the first online casino game you see, take a moment to read about the best slots, online roulette and other casino games you can try in the world of online gambling, and get help from the people who use the site, like us. .

Visit Several Sites Before Choosing

This is your money, so spend it wisely and take your time browsing the casino sites available. You can see which sites have the most games – some have dozens, others just a handful – and which offer you free games to try before you sign up. Some casinos allow you to try out this game without having to give up any personal information, so have a look. Only a few casinos offer Progressive Jackpot slots, for example, so if this type of slot is your main goal, make sure your casino has the right games for you.

Look for High Signup Bonuses

The good news is, with so many online casinos available, these online slot gambling sites are competing to lure you in, offering an increasingly attractive welcome bonus for players who have just signed up. With so many new casinos appearing on the market all the time, these offers are very competitive, and this means that the playing requirements have become quite lax as well. Try several sites to make the most of the free money available.

Play Anywhere, Anytime

The best part about playing online slot gambling in 2019 is that you can enjoy mobile games on the go. Online casinos make it their business, that is, to offer the smartest technology for gamers, creating mobile sites and applications that can accommodate a wide variety of games for almost any smartphone or tablet on the market. If a site doesn’t offer mobile slots, there’s no excuse at all. Just switch to casinos that offer mobile slots.

Staying Safe in the Online World

If you want a quick way to find out if you are on a casino site you can trust, check out the eCOGRA seal. The authorities administer the site and audit their games to make sure everything is fair. Visiting the best online slot gambling sites will ensure you get fair play, and that your money is safe in the hands of the cashier.

Find Good Customer Support

What is more annoying than hitting the jackpot while playing online slot gambling but suspecting something is up with the payout or software? Who are you looking for? That’s why choosing the right casino is so important – the best online slot gambling sites will have professional 24/7 customer support who can answer your questions without delay.

Online slot gambling sites

The best online slot gambling sites are 100% dafabet. It is safe and secure and accepts players from Indonesia and all over Asia.

Best Tips For Improving Slot Games

Online slot gambling is not about banging the buttons in a rage like you see in casino buildings. There are so many slots on the Internet, with so many different themes and stakes available, that it can be difficult to know what to choose to make money in the long run.

Bet on Maximum Numbers

It may seem counter-intuitive to bet so much, but as long as you have cash, choose the total amount of paylines available and the maximum coin bet. Betting more paylines gives you more chances to win, and also you will trigger lucrative bonus rounds more often. Those classic 9-payline slots may be simple and fun, but they get boring after a while and you might be better off aiming for the 20-30 payline game for a better chance of winning.

Consider RTP

Before you play, check the paytable for RTP%, if provided. If possible, look for anything above 95%. Some online slots gambling won’t even make it up to 91%, and unless you are very attached to the theme of slot games there is no point in sticking to lower paying games.

Don’t Get Tied To One Game

When you start playing online slot gambling, determine a portfolio of games, three to five, and stick with them. Choose one that has nice free spins bonuses, one progressive jackpot, one with lots of Wilds like Sticky and Expanding Wilds, and other low-variance games. By alternating between games, you’ll get a better feel of the various games out there, and keep things fresh.